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  • Minor Maintenance Service (approx. 45 – 60 minutes) – its like an oil change on steroids for about the same price as a 10 minute oil change which includes: oil and filter change, chassis lubrication, lube door locks, latches and hinges, inspect and test all fluids, inspect tires for damage, inspect and adjust tire pressures, inspect lights and replace burned out bulbs in most cases, inspect belts and hoses, inspect park brake operation, inspect shocks and struts, inspect clutch operation, inspect heater operation, inspect battery condition and cables, inspect air filter and fuel filter, inspect axle shafts and u joints, inspect restraint system.
  • Comprehensive maintenance service (approx. 1/2 day) – includes the Minor maintenance Service, tire rotation plus an extremely thorough go over of your vehicle inspecting and testing everything.
  • Government safety inspections up to 5500kg.
  • Hot engine oil flush service.
  • Air filter replacement.
  • Fuel filter replacement.
  • Cabin filter replacement.
  • Spark plug replacement.
  • Ignition tune-ups.
  • Check engine light diagnostics and repair.
  • Battery, charging system, starting system diagnosis, service and repair.
  • Security system diagnosis and repair.
  • Air bag system and restraint system (seat belts etc) diagnosis, service and repair.
  • Fuel system and carbon clean service, we use the TerraClean system which is capable of recovering oxygen sensors and cleaning catalytic converters.
  • Diesel engine EGR service and repair
  • Oxygen sensor testing, repair and recovery processes.
  • Catalytic converter cleaning.
    Cooling system clean, flush, service, diagnosis and repairs.
  • Power steering system clean, flush, diagnosis and repair.
  • Automatic transmission clean, service, flush, diagnosis and repair.
  • Manual transmission clean, service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Transfer case clean, service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Four wheel drive service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Differential service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Fan belt service.
  • Timing belt service and replacement.
  • Disk brake service and repair.
  • Drum brake service and repair.
  • Brake hydraulic system service and repair.
  • Brake fluid system flush.
  • Antilock brake system service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Traction control system service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Strut and shock replacement.
  • Automatic and electronic suspension service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Ball joint replacement.
  • Tie rod replacement.
  • Steering rack and steering box service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Spring service and repair.
  • Wheel alignment (state of the art equipment).
  • Air conditioning service and repair.
  • Heater system service and repair.
  • Mouse and rodent removal, cleaning and sanitizing service.
  • MiST service to remove mold, mildew and bacteria.
  • Power window system service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Engine, engine compartment and under vehicle shampooing.
  • Winter and summer tire change over.
  • Tire pick-up and delivery service.
  • Free shuttle service.
  • Free courtesy car.
  • Winter and spring servicing – NOTE: although we do winter and spring servicing, any vehicle that is on our maintenance program will not require this. Your vehicle will always be ready to go at any time of the year.


Kevan Springford 250-768-4485


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